Memory Leaks

Jul 6, 2014 at 2:22 AM
i am having memory leak problem in iis 7.
I have googled about possible causes, i have tried different solutions but i couldn't find the source of memory leaks. First i was suspicious about windsor controller factory so i have upgraded it to v3 but nothing came up. then i have found this link

i thought this can be the problem but i couldn't be successful about that also.

i have downloaded dotmemory application from jetbrains to solve the issue according to snapshots is problem and it generates a alot of memory allocation when i call one controller method memory usage is increasing +500mb every call that i have made to that method.

i am sharing the controller method which increasing the memory +500mb

Thanks for any assistance,
 public ActionResult MediaCastList()
            screenService.UserID = 0;
            var screenList = screenService.GetScreenList().Where(o => !o.IsDeleted && !o.IsMagicInfo);
            var userList = userService.GetAll();

            var listMapper_MediaCastScreen = IoC.Resolve<IMapper<Screen, MediaCastScreenRowView>>();
            var listMapper_UserList = IoC.Resolve<IMapper<User, UserRowView>>();

            var retval = new MediaCastListInput();

            retval.screenlist = listMapper_MediaCastScreen.MapToInput(screenList);
            retval.userlist = listMapper_UserList.MapToInput(userList);

            return View(retval);
Jul 7, 2014 at 7:11 AM
I should note there's no MediaCastList action in prodinner, also the latest version is using latest castle windsor ioc,
you should try to isolate the problem (comment out lines of code)

think it could be mapping triggering lazy loading, and a lot of data gets pulled out of the db