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ProDinner is an ASP.NET MVC demo application, it uses EF Code First for Data Access, SOLID principles, jQuery and MVC Awesome for Web UI

Live Link

download solution

read about the project structure and code walkthrough: download pdf

  • using .net 4.5, MVC, EntityFramework
  • CRUD and search operations for entities
  • very rich and responsive UI (using MVC Awesome jQuery Ajax Helpers)
  • upload and crop Images for meals (using Jcrop)
  • mapping entities <-> viewmodels (using ValueInjecter)
  • Multi-Language User Interface
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Security using Forms Authentication
  • pagination using "more results" button
  • Multiple UI themes (using jQuery UI themes)
  • Unobtrusive Client Side Validation using jQuery.Validate
  • Nice validation messages using just CSS
  • tinyMCE as wysiwyg editor
  • Html Agility Pack for sanitizing html

Setup instructions
prodinner setup video tutorial download watch MVC Tutorial:

to support the project follow it (little star button above the green download button), rate it, post discussions if any problems

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